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Mobile app design for the UN Refugee Agency

Product design | Native app | Prototyping | iOS

In my role at Bluefrog I designed a variety of mobile apps and responsive web products for a diverse range of clients. Below is a prototype I created for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

UNHCR needed an app that allowed the organisation to quickly (and economically) send stories 'from the field' to their donors, so they could see the impact of their support first-hand from beneficiaries and then hopefully encourage them to continue their support or even give more.

Thinking about the initial flow

Initial load animation

To increase engagement and provide an experience users were more likely to return to, I incorporated animations and micro-interactions to the prototype. Whilst doing this I had to be mindful of Apple's Human Interface Design Guidelines and ensure we didn't introduce any unnecessary friction to the user.

Article load micro-animation

Using a combination of Sketch, Adobe XD and Quicktime, I was able to design, prototype and record the user flow and each interaction.

Opening a topic micro-animation

UNHCR have fantastic photographic and brand resources, and the in-depth content they receive from support workers in the field really brings the app experience to life.

Loading the menu interface

Mapping out interactions and user flow whilst designing the prototype in Adobe XD

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