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Game interface for an iOS zombie game

UI design | Mobile design | Art direction | Branding

I was approached by game developers Concrete Playground to develop the branding, user interface and website for their latest iOS game Zombie Underground. It was a great opportunity to further my experience in mobile application design and I relished working closely with an iOS development team.

Main menu interface

After finalising some initial layout/experiential designs, we worked with multiple iterations of in-game and main-menu interfaces until we reached the final visual style. The design is clean, accessible and tries to clearly direct the visual hierachy of the menu systems whilst carrying carrying enough skeumorphic lighting and gradients to lift the interface.

Level selection interface

I had experimented with a "grungy" look and feel for the interface (a bit more typical for zombie games), but favoured this cleaner finish. The main colouring of the game interface is deliberately monotone, apart from key action areas that are highlighted using the bright oranges, reds and yellows found in the logo. This helps the interface blend in to it's context yet remain clear and easy to use.

Level introduction

The entire interface was completed using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop using vector shapes and layer effects to create scalable elements.

Settings interface

For the website, I wanted to make the game really pop out of the screen so opted for a large masthead introducing the zombie characters and designed a slider style that emulated the buttons found on the London Underground.

Website design - detail views

Like the interface, the website carries the same monotone background colouring with highlights in red, orange and yellow. This sets the scene and provides a dramatic canvas for the game imagery.

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